Information for Evaluators

  • An Independent Study (IS) project is evaluated at its completion by the IS Committee. The evaluation consists of the amount of credit (or lack thereof) granted (which may be more or less than originally contracted), as well as a written commentary by the Committee, which becomes part of the student's academic record.

    Students will be evaluated on:

    • Quality of the fulfillment of the student's contracted goals, as originally presented or properly amended.
    • Completeness and compositional accuracy of the typed journals and/or any other written component of the project.
    • Ability of the student to discuss the work done.
    • The quality of the student-adviser relationship.
    • Adherence to deadlines.
    • Evidence of the student's control over the project and independent acceptance of responsibility.
    • Quantity of work involved, which is to be used as a rough criteria for the amount of class and homework time for a full-time course for the same amount of credit and credit granted for analogous projects in the past (i.e. 180 hours for a full year course, & 90 hours for a semester course).
    • General fulfillment of Independent Study requirements and procedures as described in the IS Information Sheet.

    Evaluator responsibilities include:

    • Reading the student's journals and any other written components. Such material should be delivered (or e-mailed/shared) with you by the student several days prior to the evaluation.
    • Attending the evaluation session. This is a procedure which typically takes about half an hour and consists of two parts: a discussion with the student about the project and a meeting of the evaluators, during which credit is determined.
    • If the project has a performance component, attending the performance.