• New Canaan High School librarians prioritize the development of the characteristics and skills that will grow our community into one of accomplished 21st century citizens. Through close collaboration with adolescent and adult learners, they integrate literacies across disciplines, cultivating collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity. Mindful of patron needs, the library faculty strives to deliver real time, as needed instruction around the clock, and throughout the year. All face-to-face teaching is complemented by online instruction via THE ANNEX@.

    Through the library texting service students can receive after hours support for their research and learning. The comprehensive library collection is meticulously aligned with the curriculum, and it includes both emerging and traditional formats. All digital resources are accessible online through the library catalog, which also provides information about print resource location. This differentiated approach to instruction and resource curation is designed to maximize the teaching and learning experience for all.

    The library program promotes independent reading. NCHS librarians are sagaciously aware of, and responsive to their patrons’ reading needs. They partner with their New Canaan Library counterparts, sharing resources and developing collaborative programs including a successful summer reading program designed to promote recreational reading. The NCHS library film collection includes many film adaptations of its literary offerings to pique student interest in literature and improve reading comprehension. Students are involved in selecting materials for the library, determining book discussion choices and selections for summer reading. The library program features two book clubs - a face-to-face group, and a virtual group that includes clubs from other states. Librarians lead book talks in classes, and all of this work is enhanced by an ongoing online book discussion that enables all NCHS learners to share their reading experiences with others, both within and beyond the New Canaan community.