• Dear STEM Students,

    Please find below numerous Scratch programming tutorials for you to utilize throughout your e-learning experience. I would highly recommend that you create an account on the Scratch website in order to save the projects you create. This page will be continously updated as new tutorials are released (hopefully on a weekly basis). Feel free to check out the videos of the some tutorial projects at the bottom of this page. Please contact me at nchs.techxperts@ncps-k12.org if you have any questions. 



    Saxe Middle School "Scratch" CS Instructor

  • Skills-based learning contains lessons which focus on understanding the functions of individuals blocks and larger computer science principles. These lessons introduce concepts and culminate in small assignments. 

  • Project-based lessons build skills by having learners create larger-scale programs/projects for themselves. This is based on the principles of project-based learning. 


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