• LaTeX is a typesetting document language. It serves a similar function as Google Docs and Microsoft Word, but users write code to create documents instead of "seeing what they type directly." You can download services like TeXworks to visualize your code with an "execute" button. It produces a standard output based on the kind of document "class" you choose to work with. Developed by Leslie Lamport in 1983, LaTeX has now been adopted widely for use in published mathematics and physics research. 

    LatexExample Example of a LaTeX Document

    One important feature is the ease with which equations can be generated by utilizing text commands instead of special keyboard characters or symbol search tabs. You can read more about the basic commands to create equations here and utilize this tool (at the start) to generate equation commands, although you should attempt to develop fluency with common equation features as you utilize them more often. You can utilize this typesetting format in schoology to generate equations for your different posts as shown in the image below.

    LaTeX in Schoology LaTeX in Schoology

    Enjoy using this new tool to type mathematical equations and more generally write scientific reports.