• Frequently Asked Questions

    Account Balances

    How can I make a credit card payment?

    • Credit card payments can only be made through Titan School Solutions “Titan”. Once an account is set up with Titan, automatic payments can be set to your specification or you can add funds whenever you choose to do so. There is a $2.60 convenience fee for EACH transaction.

    Are there other ways to add funds to my child’s student account?

    • You can also add funds to a student account by check, made payable to NCPS-Food Services. Cash is accepted, but it is discouraged to send cash through the mail or with students.

    How do I pay by cash or check?

    • Mail a check to New Canaan High School- Food Services. Make all checks payable to NCPS-Food Services.
    • Bring cash or check directly to the New Canaan High School Cafeteria.
    • Send a check with your student to give to the cashier at lunch. Funds will be in the account the next day.

    Will my child be able to purchase anything if their account balance is negative?

    • For students attending West, East, or South, there are no restrictions on their account until it reaches negative $20.00. For students attending Saxe or New Canaan High there are no restrictions on their account until it reaches negative $25.00. Once an account reaches those levels, only “Full Meals” will be served to these students. No a la carte snacks or drinks (other than milk and water) can be purchased until the account is paid down under the above mentioned thresholds.

    What is considered a Full Meal?

    • Hot lunch, Pizza, Chicken Tenders, Deli Sandwich, Burger, Soup, Hot Station (hot sandwiches from the High School a la carte menu)

    Can I transfer money between siblings?

    • Yes. Transfers can be made through the Titan portal or at the request of the parent/guardian via email or phone call to the Food Services office (see contact information below). Funds are transferred and available immediately.

    What happens to the money remaining in my child’s account when the school year is over?

    • Student account balances carry over from grade to grade and school to school.

    What happens to the money remaining on the account of my child who is graduating?

    • The funds remaining on a graduating student’s account will automatically be transferred to their sibling(s). If the student does not have any siblings in the district and the account has a $20 or greater balance, a refund check will be sent during the summer. For balances under $20, you may request a refund (see contact information below).

    Account Restrictions

    If I do not want my child to purchase anything using their account, can I turn it off?

    • As long as the student is enrolled in the district their account cannot be turned off. In this situation, the parent/guardian of the student must call or email Food Services with the request to “inactivate” the account (see contact information below). An alert will be placed on the account so the cashiers will know not to allow any purchases.

    Can I specify certain alerts or restrictions that I would like to be put on my child’s account?

    • Yes. The parent/guardian can contact Food Services with any spending or food restrictions they would like to be placed on their child’s account.


    Account Balance inquiries or purchasing restrictions should be directed to:

    Amanda Gangemi
    Assistant Food Services Director

    Food Accommodation inquiries due to allergies should be directed to:

    Michelle Santelli
    Food Services Director