District Water Challenge

The District Water Challenge

  • Innovation Design Challenge! Students can either pursue their own idea or they can opt to address a real-world issue and work to design an innovative solution.  This year, the challenge focuses on preserving one of our most precious resources: WATER.

    Topic:  With more pressure on the water supply and the effects of climate change, it’s vital that we manage our water resources better. We all need to find a way to reduce the amount of water we use and to find ways to utilize the water available to us.  The Water Design Challenge is aimed to help people reduce their water usage, conserve and clean available water, and to reshape how people use water as a part of daily life.


    Design a solution for addressing an issue that we have with being responsible users of water.  The challenge involves identifying a specific problem related to water use or conservation -it can be anything from ways to purify water for human use, or ideas to help clean up the world’s oceans.  Once identified, propose one area that can be addressed with a cohesive design, then construct a solution that has the greatest potential to alleviate the problem.