NCHS English Department - Ms. Laura Struzzi

  • Welcome to Creative Writing!


    This course emphasizes the writing of fiction and non-fiction pieces to broaden your understanding of the world of the writer.  This is a student-centered course in which we will collaborate with each other to explore the world of creativity. By the conclusion of the semester you will have read, analyzed, discussed and debated a variety of texts to expand your knowledge of the term “creative” as it applies to the art of writing.  You will also leave with a multitude of original pieces of creative work that you may take with you on your future endeavors. This course is meant to invigorate, challenge and inspire you. I hope you have some fun!


    Essential Questions: 

    • What does it mean to be “creative”, especially in writing?
    • How can different forms of writing inspire the creative impulse?
    • Is creating an act or a habit?
    • Is inspiration overrated?


    You can find all of our class information and documents on my Google Site  under "Creative Writing - Senior English".  


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