• NCHS Downtown Campus - Curriculum

  • The Downtown Campus provides students with an opportunity to  feel empowered socially and academically while still remaining a part of the New Canaan High School.  Students who attend the Downtown Campus have a variety of learning profiles, backgrounds and goals.  They continue to focus on strong academics and building a culture of community, allowing them to develop connections and explore opportunities that they are passionate about.

    Curriculum will align with their High School classes and provide individualized instruction in a smaller group setting. Class times will allow them the chance to work as a group, but also to break off and have more independent focused teacher attention in addition to specialized instruction and clinical support as needed.   

    Progress Reports and Report Cards will follow the High School schedule and any other meetings can be scheduled with the Clinical Director as needed.

    Students at the Downtown Campus are able and encouraged to participate in all NCHS events, athletics, and clubs.   Their classes are aligned with NCHS curriculum and meet all the credit requirements of the NCHS diploma.