• NCHS English Department - Ms. Laura Struzzi

  • Welcome to Short Fiction!


    This course will focus on the reading and discussion of contemporary and classical short fiction in order to expand students’ understanding of author’s craft and the human experience.  Students will gain a better understanding and appreciation of writing techniques in stories of various genres, time periods, and cultures. We will begin by reviewing basics on plot structure and character development, as well as point of view, perspective, theme, and voice.  Students will work both independently and with peers to explore big picture ideas, debating and responding to the course essential questions as we move through each piece.


    Essential Questions:

    1. Why do we tell stories?
    2. How does a narrator’s voice and word choice convey perspective?
    3. How does author’s craft enhance purpose?
    4. How do authors demonstrate universal themes or social commentary in short stories?
    5. How often do events in a story relate to the reader’s experiences?
    6. How/why does conflict create shifts in character(s)’ behaviors?
    7. How do characters’ desires sometimes reject other’s beliefs?
    8. How can we use analysis of short stories to create our own?
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