• On July 1, 2018 PA 16-189 “An Act Concerning Student Data Privacy” went into effect. New Canaan is in the process of working with all contractors whose products are used by the district and fall under the privacy legislation to ensure they are compliant with the law.

    The NCPS Reviewed Digital Resources list includes all resources reviewed by New Canaan Public Schools and their status. Resources that adhere to student data privacy regulations are marked "Approved." The list includes a tab for Resources, Digital Resources, and another for Contractors.  Here is a description of each and their subcomponents:

    • Digital Resources are apps, websites, software or any web-based subscriptions.
      • Apps are software downloaded from the internet that typically run on mobile devices.  New Canaan Public Schools purchases these apps for use on district devices (i.e. iPads, or Chromebooks).
      • Websites, in this case, refers to a collection of related webpages accessible through a browser that require student login
      • Subscriptions are digital resources that are purchased on an annual basis to support our instructional mission. These typically involve some form of cloud-based computing.  
    • Contractors are operators or consultants with access to any type of student data (records, information or content).

    You may scroll through this list to view the resources that have been reviewed by the district.  This list is updated daily, and regular e-mail notifications are sent out to families to ensure community members have an opportunity to review updates or changes.