Higher Order Thinking

  • What does higher order thinking look like in PE Class? Here are some examples...


    Students using their ABC's of problem solving to work through a task...Ask, Brainstorm, Choose, Do, Evaluate

ABC's of problem soliving
  • Pipeline in Project Adventure unit...Grade 8

    Lesson Objective: Students will evaluate and refine their problem solving skills; analyze progress and success

    Activity: Students need to work as a team to move different objects through a pipeline from start to finish following a set of rules

  • Football Unit...Grade 7 and 8

    Lesson Objective: Student communicates with teammates while developing strategies to defeat the opponent; seeks help when needed

    Activity: Students need to wrk as a team to create a playbook including 3 passing plays and 3 running plays of their owb creation. Next lesson(s), students run the plays with thier team using the playbook then scrimmage other teams

Football Playbook
  • Fitness...all grades (Polar HRM used in grade 6)

    Objective: Student is working hard on one's own fitness level while evaluating/analyzing other classmates and providing feedback

    Activity: Every PE class begins with a dynamic warm-up followed by a 3-5 minute fitness portion. Students use smart goals set throughout the year to challenge oneself and help others in class reach their fitness goals. This year, students in grade 6 will also use the Polar Fit heart rate monitors to measure heart rate. In the photo, students worked in groups to create stations to get their heart rate up with wearing the polar technology.

Polar fit stations
  • Mohawk Walk in Project Adventure Unit...Grade 8

    Lesson Objective: Students will communicate, take risks, and support pne another both verbally and physically

    Activity: Traverse as a group, not solo, to get your entire group from one side to the other without stepping off of the beams

Mohawk Walk