Welcome Letter

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Webinars and Assemblies

  • Dear 4th-Grade Families,

    Below are links to several videos we have developed for the transition.   We have archived all materials on our transition to Saxe page, linked here

    Welcome to Saxe Webinar

    Thank you to the grade 5 student ambassadors, parents on the panel, and over 100 attendees at Wednesday night’s parent webinar.  We have posted the recording on our traniton page and  it is also linked  here.

    “Right Now” Video

    Grade 5 students submitted their “Right Now” statements and we edited them into a video (al VanHalen, circa 1991).  Check it out here.

    VR Goggle Assembly

    Our awesome NCHS intern, Unity Lee-Weiss  created a step-by-step video of to assemble your Saxe VR goggles.  Don't do it on your own until you watch Unity’s instructions. Link is found here

    VR / 360° Tour of Saxe

    Put on your newly constructed VR goggles, grab your smartphone (or iTouch or similar hand-held device or another VR headset) and follow the link below to our VR tour of Saxe.   You may have to reconfigure your device's setting to accommodate a VR video (YouTube will prompt you on how to do this).  A link to the tour is here.  (Please note: some of the functionality of the VR/360° experience is being debugged, but should still work).


    I hope you enjoy all of these materials and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.  Thank you! 

  • Dear 4th-Grade Families,

    This link (https://forms.gle/LS64WKK84nvhWp8q7) will bring youto the music choice form.  All courses are fully described on the form with lots of additonal information.

    Completing this form will enroll your child in their music course for their time at Saxe. All students will be required to select a first and second choice and enrollment will be on a "first-come, first-serve basis." The form must be completed no later than Tuesday, June 8th, 2021.  If you have already filled out this form and would like to change your response OR if you have multiple children entering 5th grade, please contact Brenda Carmichael (brenda.carmichael@ncps-k12.org) and the appropriate music teacher. Do not fill out the form again. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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