English Department

  •  The NCHS English Department believes that writing and reading are recursive processes that benefit from development in stages and frequent practice. In each course, students will read and write to construct meaning and respond to texts, as well as revise writing to reshape and improve both writing and thinking.  In the junior year, English is a year-long course that makes use of American literature and writings.  In senior year, electives offer a variety of text combinations to appeal to the interests of students. The fundamentals of these courses extend those of the freshman and sophomore years. Students should choose one course for the junior year and two courses for the senior year.

    The eight semesters of English credit are required for graduation and distributed as follows: Freshman English (two semesters); Sophomore English (two semesters in the sophomore year); Junior English (two semesters); and Senior English (two semesters).

    A student transferring into the school after the completion of the first term of a course may not take the course for credit unless it can be seen as a logical continuation of a course taken at the previous school. 




    Course Requirement



    Freshmen English

    (2 semesters)


    Honors Freshmen English

    (2 semesters)


    Sophomore English

    (2 Semesters)


    Honors Sophomore English

    (2 Semesters)


    Junior English

    (2 Semesters)


    Advanced Placement Language and Composition  

    (2 Semesters)

    American Studies or Honors American Studies

    (2 Semesters)



    Senior English Electives

    (2 Semesters)


    Advanced Placement Literature and Composition  

    (2 Semesters)



    Honors/AP Courses:  Honors and AP courses are accelerated courses that require a higher level of critical thinking, independent reading, organization, and analysis.  Students need to be individually motivated while also being able to collaborate productively with their peers.  The core curriculum of texts and writing experiences in both regular and honors classes remains the same in 9th and 10th grade, however honors courses have a higher level of rigor and pace. In AP courses, content standards must align with the College Board’s course overview.

    Honors/AP Recommendation: Students are recommended for an honors or advanced placement class the following year if they can earn a 92 average for the first semester of a course. Students not initially recommended may appeal this placement in the spring. Historically students who are not currently achieving at a high level in their current English classes have struggled in honors classes.

    Honors/AP Recommendations for out of district or out of building:  Students transferring in from another school, including rising eighth graders from Saxe, must take the placement exam to be considered for an accelerated course. The exam will be scored and considered with other information such as grades, standardized test scores, and previous English placements. Saxe students not initially recommended may appeal this placement in the spring. Historically, students not excelling in multiple indicators have struggled in an accelerated class.

    Open Enrollment Honors Classes:  The English Department has several junior and senior electives that are offered as honors course that do not require a recommendation. Enrollment may be limited based upon section availability.

    Maintaining Honors/AP Eligibility: For students currently enrolled in an Honors/AP course, they must maintain a semester average of an 85 to be recommended for the following year.  

    *Summer Reading:  Please note that the UCONN ECE course has a summer reading assignment which will be emailed to students in August.