Special Education Department Resources

  • Learning Strategies Program

    The goal of this program is to prepare students to become independent and successful in school and in the community. Strategies such as self advocacy, goal setting and decision making, time management, organizational skills and note taking, listening and reading, writing, test preparation and test taking, and stress reduction are emphasized. This is one the courses where students will receive specialized instruction to target the goals in their Individualized Educational Plan (IEP). Additionally, students will take an in depth look at their learning styles and be asked to apply their personal strengths to academic situations. Coursework will also focus on students’ participation in the process of developing their IEP and includes the development of a plan for transition to postsecondary school or career choices.

    Language Learning Strategies Program

    The Language Learning Strategies Program has the same goals and curriculum as the Learning Strategies Program, however, there is a significant emphasis placed on receptive and expressive language skills. These courses are taught by a speech language pathologist.

    Adjusted Curriculum

    This program is designed for students who require individualized instruction in one or more content courses (English, history, science and math). The program also offers instruction in social, vocational and life skills. Specific course offerings and levels vary each year depending on the needs of the students. Special education staff should be consulted regarding appropriate placements.

    Speech and Language Services

    Speech and language services are also provided to students whose needs are not appropriate for the Language Learning Strategies Program. Services are provided for those who have identified deficits in articulation, fluency, voice, augmentative and alternative communication, and other areas.

    Counseling Services

    Counseling services are provided by the school psychologists and the social workers. Services are available to regular education and special education students for issues relating to school performance or personal difficulties. Counseling needs for special education students are determined by the PPT. Counseling is available to regular education students on a short-term basis.

    LAUNCH Program (18-21)

    The LAUNCH transition program is for students who have completed 12th grade, but are still in need of specialized instruction. The program is specifically designed for 18 to 21-year-old students with special needs as they transition from their high school experience and graduate into the community with vocational skills or to adult service programs. The program focuses on career awareness, job exploration, community participation and independent living. Upon completion of the program students will earn a diploma.

    Vocational Internship Program

    The program places students in community based internships in order to develop their prevocational skills, while providing them with a sense of accomplishment and pride. Students are afforded the opportunity to develop the communication, social and interpersonal skills needed in the work setting. Transportation is provided to the work site and returning back to school. The amount of time and/or days of participation in the work setting can be tailored to the student’s individual needs.