Grades:   9-10
    Duration: 2 semesters
    Prerequisite: Recommendation
    Credit:   0.25 per semester
    Classes meet 3 days per cycle on a Credit/No Credit basis. Students are identified through a review of academic history, standardized test performance, district benchmark  assessments, and teacher recommendations. This class is intended to prepare students for lifelong learning in literacy and to provide preparation for the NWEA Reading Assessment (9th) and the Smarter Balance Assessment (11th). It follows best research-based practices in developing  adolescent fluency in reading. Students engage in whole- class reading, guided reading, and independent reading activities. Some of the literature used complements pieces being read in a student’s regular English class, and students also read and discuss a wide variety of current nonfiction news articles.  Additionally, proper essay  development is stressed for the writing done in  other disciplines. Students are able to conference one- on-one with the teacher to get help and feedback on reading & writing assignments for their English and history classes.