• NCHS English Department - Ms. Krista Deiana

    Grade: 10

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: None
    Credit: 0.5 per semester

    Students can meet the Graduation Standard for Writing in this course.

    Sophomore English continues the previous year’s study while emphasizing research and writing skills. This course reinforces a broad literary approach to writing (tone, plot, diction, point of view) and descriptive, narrative and analytical writing skills. Guided by two basic themes - “Innocence and Experience” and “Man and the State” –students focus on style, take a close  look at literary models, and examine the way language works. Learning to write in a variety of forms with an awareness of audience and a distinctive  voice is another focus of this course and, as such, assignments will include literary analysis, responses to literature, personal narrative essays, and creative pieces, as well as one research assignment. Some writing and reading should be anticipated each night. Portfolio assessment of writing occurs in May.

    Required Books: Catcher in the Rye, Macbeth, and a memoir or autobiography such as Angela’s Ashes, Black Boy, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings or Night. Lord of the Flies, A Tale of Two Cities, Cry The Beloved Country,  Master  Harold and the Boys, Ellen Foster, Montana, 1948, A Farewell to Arms, A Man for All Seasons, How The Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents are among  the books reserved for all sophomore courses.