Career and Technical Education Department

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    Career & Technical Education (CTE) courses bring learning to life. Students will have opportunities for hands-on, project-based connections between their classes and reality. It’s where students have that “A-ha” moment. “Oh, that’s where I’ll use that.” Whether it be in a Food and Nutrition class learning about crystallization, applying code to solve a math equation or just learning about torque when changing a tire, CTE brings learning to life. Through CTE courses students develop skills in communication, organization, leadership, and problem solving, while gaining experience in a variety of career pathways. Career and Technical Education (CTE) offers students the opportunity to develop critical skills through a combination of classes and authentic learning experiences, which allow them to apply academics to real-world problems. The CTE Department offers courses in four areas of study: Business & STEM Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, and Technology Education.

    Business & STEM Education
    Exploring Computer Science
    AP Computer Science Principles (CSP)
    AP Computer Science A
    Business Principles & Practices
    Future Business Leaders I, II, III

    Family and Consumer Sciences
    Food and Nutrition
    Culinary Arts/Rams Café
    Culinary Arts/Rams Café II
    Baking and Pastry Arts
    Baking: The Art of Making Bread
    Child Development I, II
    Honors Individual and Family Development
    Interior Design I, II
    Fashion Merchandising & Design

    Technology Education
    Introduction to Engineering Design (IED)
    Digital Electronics (DE)
    Principles of Engineering (POE)
    Engineering Design & Development (EDD)
    Woodworking I
    Advanced Woodworking II - IV
    Graphic Design and Multimedia
    Journalism I, II, III
    TV Broadcasting I
    Advanced TV Broadcasting II – IV
    Yearbook Design and Publication I - IV
    Car Care
    Game Design
    3-D Animation
    Web Design

    Advanced Placement in Career and Technical Education:

    For students who have demonstrated intellectual independence and success working with complex texts and concepts, the Career and Technical Education Department provides Advanced Placement courses.