In this course students will explore robotics through the use of two systems. The first ten weeks students will work with a system called VEX Robotics and a software called EasyC. Students will be introduced using a “test bed”, they create, made up of input and output devices. They will use EasyC to write code to control the output functions based on either sensory feedback (inputs) or remot control (RC) inputs. They then move on to create a “Claw Bot” which will roam the room using RC functions. Students will then program their “Claw Bot” to roam the room autonomously. The goal is not to get caught up in anything around the room using just sensory inputs.

    The second ten weeks will be spent on droning (sUAS). Students will follow the FAA’s “What to know before you fly” curriculum. This curriculum teaches students the safe and correct rules around all droning operations, from preflight checklist to weather conditions. Students will become familiar with training drones, which have no self stabilization feature. They are put through a series of flight maneuvers which will  increase their understanding of standard joystick control (pitch, roll, and yaw).