formerly Computer Science and Software Engineering

    (Pre-Engineering Program)

    Grade: 9 - 12

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: None

    Credit: 1.0

    How     will     computing       and     connectivity transform your world?

    Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) is a new Project Lead The Way course in which teams of students work to develop computational thinking and solve problems. The course covers the College Board’s new ‘Computer Science Principles’  framework. The course does not aim to teach mastery  of a single programming language but aims instead to develop computational thinking, to generate excitement about the field of computing, and to introduce computational tools that foster creativity. The course also aims to build students’ awareness of the tremendous demand for computer specialists and for professionals in the field who have computational skills. Each unit focuses on one or more issues raised by the present and future societal impact of computing.

    Students create apps for mobile devices, automate tasks in a variety of languages, find patterns in data, and interpret simulations that can improve people’s lives. They will practice problem solving with structured activities and progress  to  open-ended projects and problems that require them to develop planning, documentation, and communication skills. Problems aim for ground-level entry with no ceiling, so that all students can successfully engage  the problem but students with  greater motivation, ability, or background knowledge will be challenged to work further.