Grade: 11 - 12
    Duration: 1 Semester
    Prerequisite: 1 credit in Biology or a life science Credit: 0.5 per Semester


    Marine Science provides the student with an overview of oceanography and marine biology. The course is a mix of many areas of scientific study, including Chemistry, Physics, Geology and Biology. Topics covered include properties  of  seawater, ocean ecology, marine environments, major marine phyla and the impact of humans on the ocean and marine life.

    There may be mandatory field trips to local points of interest, such as the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, to examine marine habitats. Students are required to collect specimens and maintain marine tanks to serve as models of  different ecosystems and complete research projects and oral presentations. This course involves the handling of shellfish.


    Text: Marine Science, The Dynamic Ocean. 1st Edition. Marrero and Schuster