Public Act No. 16-189

  • What: PA 16-189 is Public Act No. 16-189, an act concerning student data privacy for the State of Connecticut.

    When: On June 9, 2016, Governor Malloy signed into law Public Act 16-189.  The Act’s requirements are effective October 1, 2016.

    Key Privacy Rights under PA 16-189:

    The legislation, Public Act 16-189, is comprehensive in nature and incorporates several provisions to protect the privacy of student information including:
    • Restricting how student information may be used by entities that contract to provide educational software and electronic storage of student records and by operators of websites, online services, or mobile applications (i.e., apps)

    • Clarifying that student data collected for school purposes is not owned by any of these third-party contractors

    • Requiring local boards of education to notify parents when they execute a new contract with a software, data storage, or internet service provider

    • Stipulating data security and privacy provisions that must figure in all contracts between local school districts and software, data storage, and internet service providers.

    • Requiring school districts to withhold the release of student directory information if the local or regional board of education determines that a request for such information is not related to school purposes.

    Briefing on PA 16-189: Shipman & Goodwin

    For the Full PA16-189 Rule: Connecticut General Assembly