• New Canaan High School Online Courses
    Online classes allow students to explore beyond the NCHS curriculum. They can be beneficial for those who would like to take classes that we do not currently offer. They can also be used for students who are unable to schedule courses during the school day. These courses allow students to take charge of their own learning by scheduling when they will allocate time to study the material and independently manage the online learning platform.

    This is offered to students in 10th-12th grades. Students should first examine their reasons to take an online class and then explore programs that offer studies in this area.  They need to reflect on their independence, motivation and willingness to take on this rigorous opportunity.

    Students will be required to complete an application to be considered for an online learning opportunity.  Once the course is approved, the parent will have to prepay for the course and will be reimbursed upon successful completion. (Please see the building administrator if there is a financial hardship and you cannot prepay for the course).
    Students who are interested in taking an online class should first meet with their School Counselor to begin the application process.

    Criteria to take an online course:

    • The course is not offered at New Canaan High School.
    • The student’s PPT or Section 504 Team has determined it to be an appropriate means of instruction
    • The course will serve as an alternate or supplement to homebound instruction.
    • The Principal, counselor and departmental chair, with agreement from the parents/guardians determines that the student requires a differentiated or accelerated learning environment.

    Students who are considering taking online courses should complete the application process

    • Meet with their school counselor 
    • Thoroughly research the course they propose to take to include any requirements to take external examinations that form part of the grading for the class, estimation of the hours of study the course requires, ease to obtain support from the online faculty.
    • Complete the Request to Take an Online Course Form
    • Complete and return Parent Permission Form to your counselor. 
    • Gain approval to take the requested online course.

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