• K-12 World Language
    Belief Statement
    The New Canaan Public School’s K-12 World Language Department believes  a rigorous and well articulated K-12 World Language program:
    • helps to develop critical thinking skills and reinforces student knowledge of other disciplines while strengthening literacy across the curriculum
    • supports the proficiency of mulitiple languages
    • focuses on real-life applications of authentic language as an effective way of promoting proficiency in a language
    • promotes the use of proficiency based assessments (reading, writing, listening, speaking) and cultural components that measure the students’ ability to perform authentic tasks
    • includes the integration of technology to allow students to access, apply and analyze information and to communicate more effectively
    • includes the study of culture as an important component of world language instruction, providing multiple ways of viewing the world
    • encourages students to develop a greater understanding of their own language while strengthening  their cognitive and linguistic skills
    • understands that the acquisition of a language is a process and that students acquire proficiency at different rates.
  • World Language Staff

    K-12 World Language/EL Administrator
    Lizette D'Amico
    NCHS Staff
    Linda Rosenthal: Mandarin and Spanish
    David Harvey
    Cristina Corona
    Mary Chillington: French and Spanish
    Mark Foster: French
    Lisa Arbues
    Katherine Bakes Leckie
    Alessandra Zylberkan
    Diane Cornwell
    Xiomara Brea
    Veronica Astacio

    Saxe Middle School Staff
    Hai Ming Wu
    Josephine McMahon
    Amy McGurk
    Katherine Milositz
    Alison Vavrika
    Laurene D'Andrea
    Eugenia Fracarolli
    Jenny Mykynteko
    Kevin Hearty
    Jaclyn MaQuarrie
    Isobel Owen
    Crista Rizzuti
    Gianna Bavido
    Rebecca Roth
    Katherine Milositz