• NCHS Social Studies Department -
    Ms. Kristine Goldhawk 



    Grade: 11 - 12 

    Duration: 1 Semester

    Prerequisite: None

    Credit: 0.5 per Semester

    Department Syllabus 

    This course is an introduction to the American legal system. We will study the structure and procedures of both the federal and CT state systems. Legal issues in civil rights and liberties, family law, criminal law, and tort law will be discussed. This course is both practical and analytical. Students will apply legal principles learned to various scenarios, using precedent and reasoning.

    Unit 1: Introduction to Law

    Unit 5: Torts

    Unit 2: Freedom of Expression

    Unit 6: Discrimination

    Unit 3: Religion and Privacy

    Unit 7: Crimes & Defenses

    Unit 4: Family Law

    Unit 8: Criminal Procedure & Sentencing

    The course will employ a variety of materials ranging from legal opinions to legal histories. Students will be evaluated on their written assignments, tests, and oral presentations.

    Course materials and calendar can be accessed via Schoology. 

    Text: Street Law, National Street Law Institute.