• Digital Learning

    SchoolWires - Web Content Platform 
    • Communication with students and parents using a website provides students and parents useful, real-time information that fosters a greater sense of learning and collaboration.   NCPS encourages all teachers to develop a class website, and maintian it throughout the year as a powerful communication tool. 
    • NCPS uses Schoolwires as their online website system.  Schoolwires utilizes an easy-to-learn method to create and edit websites from any internet conneted computer.
    • Each school has a Web Content Manager, who is responsible for assiting with the creation and maintenance of the web sites for their respective schools.  To get started with your site, please schedule a time to meet with your respective web content manager so they can provide you with the training you need.  
    • Below is a snapshot of how you will log into your Schoolwires account when you start to develop your web site.
SchoolWires Logon