• NCHS Social Studies Department - Mrs. Courtney Greco 

    Grade: 11 - 12

    Duration: l Semester
    Prerequisite: None
    Credit: 0.5

    This course looks at the field of psychology with an emphasis on the individual and how psychologists deal with his or her problems with living. We will be looking at what psychology is, what psychologists do, and how they go about it. In the process we will look at different theories of behavior, from Sigmund Freud to Carl Rogers. Practical applications of these theories will be available  for  each  student  in  discovering  more about themselves and others.  Problems  each of us face such as conflict, anxiety, and stress will be discussed from a psychological point of view with suggestions as to how best deal with such problems. Mental disorders, ranging from mild depression to the various types of schizophrenia will be studied, as well as an examination of how the different theorists deal with these disorders. Projects, reflective essays, tests and quizzes are course requirements.