• NCHS Social Studies Department - Mrs. Marianne Cohen 

    Grade: 11

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: None

    Credit: 1 credit per Semester (1/2  credit  English, 1/2 credit Social Studies); this course meets Junior English and history requirements

    Students can meet graduation standard for research and writing in this course.

    What is unique and important about America? American Studies is designed to give students opportunities to explore and challenge the underlying values of American culture. A team- taught, interdisciplinary course which emphasizes American literature, history, art and popular culture, this academically rigorous, co- curricular approach to English and history will combine classic texts with social, historical and current issues in a student centered, experiential environment. Using a variety of texts and documents, students will complete several essays and projects each quarter in addition to other assignments. In addition, students will write two (fall and spring) research papers to meet graduation standards.

    At the start of each semester, students may choose to enroll in the course for honors credit after consultation with the teacher and diagnostic assessments. This honors component will require students to complete an additional layer of analysis on assignments along with supplemental work throughout the semester. Students enrolled in the honors section of the course in the spring semester will be encouraged to take the AP Language and Composition exam.