• Via Appia

    Grade: 9 - 12

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: Latin 1 and see above for additional criteria

    Credit: 0.5 per semester

    In this course, the self-motivated student will continue learning vocabulary and grammar at lower intermediate level. The emphasis in this year's study will be on finite and non-finite verb structures (phrases and clauses) and on developing skills for reading complex Latin sentences and dealing with varied word-order. Several thematic projects will expose students to Roman and ancient Mediterranean geography, Roman social and political customs, and those personal values the Romans admired most in great individuals. Participation in National Latin Exam Level II is required. Frequent formative assessments (in class, at home, and on-line) and summative (including internet and  class projects) ensure retention of material and a chance to succeed.

    Textbooks: John C Traupman, Lingua Latina II and Sally Davis, Review and Test Preparation Guide for the Intermediate Latin Student