• NCHS English Department - Mr. Evan Remley 



    (College Board Approved)

    Grade: 12

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: Application & Department Selection

    Credit: 0.5 per semester

    AP English is a demanding, full-year course for seniors interested in analysis of challenging, complex literary texts. Students will be presented with works that range from the time of ancient Greece to 21st century America, works by writers from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. Students should expect to read a balance of classical texts from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, as well as texts written  from  the 19th and 20th centuries. Novels ranging in breadth from Heart of Darkness to The Brothers Karamazov are also included in the AP curriculum.

    Through written work that ranges from analytical essays to original creative pieces that feature application of literary conventions from mentor texts, students will be assessed on their understanding of literary structure, style and themes, as well as elements such as figurative language, imagery, symbolism and tone. Students will also be expected to present  their understanding of literature in various modes, and to generate and sustain class discussion about literature.