• NCHS English Department - Ms. Stephanie Nigro 
  • Dear Students and Parents/Guardian,


    Welcome to my google website! Feel free to browse through the different pages on my site, and be sure to visit the weekly syllabus for your child’s class. This syllabus is updated on Sundays and is where students can find their homework and upcoming deadlines. Additionally, feel free to visit the “Sophomore class materials” page to preview the various units that we will study this year. Students will be using google classroom to submit homework assignments this year, but can find digital copies of certain class materials on this page. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me via e-mail.



    Stephanie Nigro, NCHS English Department 

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Ms. Stephanie Nigro
  • Room: 221
    Courses Taught:
    • Sophomore English 
      • Period 1
    • Honors Sophmore English
      • Period 8
    • Senior English - Short Fiction
      • Period 2 (Semester 1)
    • Senior English- Creative Writing
      • Period 5 (Semester 1)
    • Writing Center
      • Period 4 (Semester 1 only)
    Office Hours: 
    • Period 6&7 by appointment
    • Afterschool by appointment Tuesday-Thursday