• NCHS Science Department: Mr. Tony Barnett
  • Dear Parents/Guardian,

    Please visit my class Google Site below to view all course material, syllabus, word problems, work sheets and study material. 
    If you would like to view our Class Schedule of Events (SOE), please click on the link listed below to download the spreadsheet. 
    If you have any questions please contact me email. 

    I look forward to working with you and your student this year. 


    Tony Barnett, NCHS Physics Department 

Mr. Tony Barnett
  • Room: 310
    Courses Taught:
    • Physics (With Lab)
      • Period 2 (3 (A,E))
      • Period 4 (3 (C,G))
    • AP Physics I (With Lab) 
      • Period 5 (8 (C,G))
      • Period 6 (7 (A,E))
    Office Hours: 
    • 6:45 - 7:25 am daily
    • By appointment 
    • After school extra help sessions will be announced