• NCHS Science Department:  Ms. Donna Kemp

    Grade: 11 - 12

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: M2 Algebra II concurrently

    Credit: 0.5 per Semester

    The basic principles and concepts of Chemistry will be covered. First Semester topics include: measurement, classification and properties of matter, atomic theory, nuclear reactions, electronic structure, the Periodic Table, chemical names and formulas, ionic and covalent bonding, and chemical equations. The second Semester includes: reactions, mole concept, stoichemistry, thermochemistry, gas laws, solutions, rates of reaction, equilibria, acids and bases, oxidation-reduction reactions, electrochemistry, organic chemistry.

    Students will utilize a variety of instrumentation in the laboratory. Computer programs will be used for data analysis. Students perform lab work in topic areas and lab reports with analysis of data required. A minimum grade of 65 is required to take Semester II.

    Text: Chemistry, Connecting to Our Changing World, 2nd Edition, Lemay, Beall, et al., Prentice Hall