• NCHS Science Department: Mrs. Jessica Zych

    (College Board Approved)

    Grade: 11 - 12

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: Grades of 80 in honors-level science or 90 in Grade Level Biology, Chemistry and Physics* (already taken or concurrent); Department Approval/ Instructor Recommendation

    Credit: 0.5 per Semester

    The Advanced Placement Biology course is designed to be the equivalent of a first-year college biology course.  The following topics will be studied: molecules and cells; biochemistry; genetics and evolution; organisms and populations; taxonomy; limited topics involving anatomy and physiology of animals and plants; and ecology.  

    The curriculum follows the guidelines set forth by the College Board.  This college level course differs significantly from our first-year course in biology in that the text is much more complex, treating topics with greater range and depth.  The pace of the course is very rigorous and is designed to prepare students to take the A.P. Biology Exam in May. Students who chose not to take the AP Biology exam will not earn AP/Honors weighting (per school policy).  

    The laboratory work required by students is much more extensive and focuses on the following skills:

    • Generate questions for investigation

    • Choose which variables to investigate

    • Design and conduct experiments

    • Design their own experimental procedures

    • Collect, analyze, interpret, and display data

    • Determine how to present their conclusions

    In addition there is a significant mandatory summer reading assignment for this course, with a four chapter test administered the first week of school.

    Text: Biology,  9th edition, Campbell Reece, Pearson