• Objective for Senior Year:


    The focus of this year is to assure that each senior is considering options for life after high school and has an action plan to realize these goals.


    What to expect:


    ·         Counselors work with students to define their intended career path, whether it leads them to a 4 year university, 2 year community college, post-graduate year, gap year programs, the military or employment.


    ·         Senior appointment - In individualized appointments and as many follow-up meetings as needed the student’s cumulative high school experience, both academic and outside interests, is reviewed and refined for his/her college list or career strategy.


    ·         Senior English classes - Counselors outline the nuts and bolts of the college application process.


    ·         Application review - Counselors provide advice and counsel, helping students to present themselves through the college application process in the best light, highlighting their strengths, abilities and talents.


    ·         Letters of Recommendation - Garnering information from multiple sources, Counselors compose a letter of recommendation for each student.


    ·         Blind Admissions - Counselors review each senior’s roster of intended colleges, confirming that there are at least two likely schools on the list.


    Parent Programs:


    ·         Financial aid night - Counselors provide a program and information on financial aid for college.


    ·         Senior Parent Coffee - Counselors meet with senior parents to review the application and admissions process.


    The College Road Map:


    ·         Work with your counselor to manage your applications, edit essays and consider your post secondary options.


    ·         Perhaps sit for a final round of SAT or ACT.


    ·         Coordinate with teachers to send recommendations.


    ·         Develop a list of key activities and accomplishments.