• Objective for Junior Year:


    It is critical that students create a plan for life after high school.  Therefore, the focus of work in the junior year is on college planning or other post high school opportunities. 


    Most juniors are developmentally ready to take on the process of making this important decision.  Our objective is to encourage students in the course of self-reflection as they further define their own stated goals for their lives after high school.  This can include everything from career exploration, to developing their extra-curricular activities to better align with their stated goals, and/or exploring the many colleges of interest.


    What to expect:


    ·         Scores: PSAT scores, administered in October, along with transcripts and GPA’s, are used as a baseline for preparation for the college search process and setting a timeline for taking the SAT or ACT in the spring of junior year.


    ·         Connections: Counselors meet with their juniors as a group to talk about the college process, and students are encouraged to conduct an initial college search through Naviance.


    ·         Junior Planning Meeting: Counselors meet individually with students and parents to review goals, add recommendations to initial college lists, discuss testing strategy and plan college visits.


    ·         Admissions update: Counselors keep up to date on college admissions developments, always mindful of the interests of their students; often consulting with college admissions representatives on questions pertinent to our students.


    ·         Course planning: Counselors meet with each junior for course selection and advisement for the senior schedule, and to further refine their academic interests in high school and college.


    Parent Programs:


    ·         Junior Parent Night: Counselors meet with junior parents to review the post high school admissions process and answer questions.


    The College Road Map:


    ·         Begin to narrow your focus on a few important activities, sports or clubs.

    ·         Plan to take the PSAT and decide whether to prepare for the ACT or SAT in the 2nd semester

    ·         Meet with your counselor to develop an initial list of colleges to research and visit

    ·         Sit for AP exams, SAT or ACT, and SAT subject tests if needed.