• Objective for Sophomore Year:

    Upon returning as sophomores, the majority of students have gained familiarity with the social, academic and personal expectations of NCHS. The focus of this year is to refine individual academic interests and plans, keeping post high school planning firmly in mind.

    What to expect:

    ·         Sophomores meet with counselor on an as-needed, ongoing basis throughout the year to discuss social, academic and personal concerns.

    ·         Groundwork is laid for post-secondary planning, geared toward more thoughtful reflection and consideration of future goals

    o   Career and interest inventory is introduced through Naviance, using Do What you Are – an adolescent version of Myers Briggs Inventory – students complete inventory and receive report on strengths and blind spots.

    o   Potential careers are explored based on DWYA results.

    o   Educational requirements and skill sets are researched for potential careers.

    o   Fields of study are explored and linked with potential post-secondary majors and colleges/universities.

    o   College search component of Naviance is introduced.

    o   Standardized testing, test preparation and college visits are outlined.


    ·         During scheduling sessions in spring, individual academic and extracurricular goals are re-evaluated in preparation for junior year.

    Parent Programs:

    ·         Creating an Appropriate Testing Plan-Counselors focus on understanding testing options.

    ·         Understanding the Post High School Planning Process- Counselors meet with sophomore parents to discuss the initial steps to post-secondary planning process.

    ·         Counselors also partner with the PFA on many topics during the year.

    The College Road Map:


    ·         Expand your interests and continue to focus on your academics.

    ·         Consider the results of the career interest inventory and possible majors for college

    ·         Students in AP World II will sit for their first AP exam and perhaps the SAT subject test

    ·         Students in honors science and advanced mathematics may sit for a SAT subject test

    ·         Students who have completed Geometry could sit for the PSAT as a practice

    ·         During the summer following 10th grade, make initial college visits looking at size, location and other general characteristics.

    ·         If you have particular talents in the arts or athletics, it is a good time to begin talking with your counselor about next steps for the post high school planning process.