• Objective for Freshman Year:


    Freshman year is an adjustment phase as students learn to balance a more rigorous academic load and greater extracurricular commitments. Transitioning to high school is meant to be a growing experience where students progress toward responsible independence and decision making skills to address their academic, personal and social development.

    Counselors get to know their students on an individual basis and will counsel their students throughout all 4 years of high school. The focus is in building lifelong skills for success throughout high school and beyond.

    What to expect:

    ·         Transition: Counselors work with Saxe counselors and administration to assist students’ transition from 8th - 9th grade.


    ·         Orientation: NCHS hosts the 8th grade Orientation night to give families the opportunity to learn about NCHS and its course offerings.


    ·         First day: Counselors meet with their freshman on the 1st day of school for Freshman Orientation. Students learn about the supports available to all students and opportunities to get involved.

    ·         Individual appointments: In the 2nd quarter, Counselors meet with students individually for a Freshman Appointment. First quarter progress is reviewed with each student and they are connected to supports as needed. A tentative 4-year academic plan is created and tips for success are offered.


    ·         Learning Styles: Counselors deliver the Freshman Learning Styles program. Students participate in a questionnaire to understand themselves as learners and to enhance their study skills in preparation for midyear exams.

    ·         Course selection: Counselors meet with each student for course selection and academic advisement for sophomore year. Counselors help students reflect upon their first year of high school and review each student’s academic and extra-curricular interests.

    Parent Programs:

    ·         Freshmen Parent Night- Counselors meet with parents to introduce themselves and welcome them to the high school. Parents hear about the School Counseling Program, available supports, as well as tips for successful transitioning.

    ·         Counselors partner with the PFA to present on topics important to 9th grade parents.

    The College Roadmap:

    ·         This is a year to explore interests, join activities and clubs, focus on your academics and get the best grades that you can.


    ·         Students in honors biology may wish to take the SAT Subject test in June of this year as they are completing the subject.