• NCHS English Department: Mr. Matthew Quinn


    Grade: 12

    Duration: 1 Semester

    Prerequisite: None

    Credit: 0.5 per semester

    The course would be based on essential questions related to the human impulse to poetry; the relationships between content, sound, and structure; and the way poetry of the past influences and informs contemporary poetry. This course, designed as a reading and writing workshop, will provide many opportunities for you to experiment with writing in different poetic forms. Students will read classical and contemporary poems to inform and inspire the writing process, and they will work independently and collaboratively to create and revise original pieces. Assignments may include: a Writer's Notebook; analytical essays about specific poems; projects, such as the Poet Study publication, and the Poetry Performance project; and a culminating project, an individual Poetry Textbook, which will serve as a portfolio-type assessment for the best pieces of the Writer's Notebook.