• NCHS Career & Technical Education - Mrs. Sapienza

    Grades: 11 - 12

    Duration: 2 Semesters    

    Prerequisite: Child Development I, teacher


    Credit: 1.0 (3 College Credits)

    This is an opportunity for academically motivated students to study human development while earning college credit in high school. Human development throughout the lifespan will be studied by focusing on early childhood and emphasizing family as the primary context. Students will gain an in-depth view of the following: human development theorists, family structures, physical, emotional and psychological development of the child, families and stress and impact of technology on the 21st century child and family.

    This course will require that students gain practical experience about human development from outside sources. Students will be required to complete 15 hours of job shadowing/internship experiences each semester and to complete term papers, in-class assignments, child observations, field experience logs and unit exams.

    This class is offered under the University of Connecticut’s Early College Experience Program. For a $90 FEE, three college credits will be awarded to students receiving a C or better in the course and complete all requirements, which will count toward UCONN’s HDFS 1070: Individual and Family Development Across the Lifespan. Students not attending UCONN may obtain an official transcript documenting the completion of the course.