Grade: 9 - 12

    Duration: 1 Semester

    Prerequisite: None

    Credit: 0.5

    This course provides all the basics that you need to prepare meals confidently on your own. This fun and informative elective emphasizes nutrition based on the America’s Dietary Guidelines and the major food groups. Topics Covered: Influence of Food on Society, Meal Management and Consumerism, Basic Cooking Skills, Nutrition, Quick & Yeast Breads, Pies or Cakes, Cookies, Eggs and Dairy, Fruits and Vegetables, Grains and Pasta, and Meat/Fish/Poultry.

    Lab work, quizzes, exams and completion of a meal project are required for this class. The meal project is a cumulative assessment of cooking knowledge that involves cooking at home.

    Text: Guide to Good Food, Largen & Bence.