• NCHS Career & Technical Education - Mr. Cebulski

    Grade: 10-12
    Duration: 2 Semesters
    Prerequisite: None
    Credit: 1.0 (.5 English and .5 C.T.E)

    Journalism is an experiential course in which students learn the range of skills required of 21st Century journalists by producing multimedia and print news and feature stories for nchscourant.com and the student newspaper, the Courant. All students will gain hands-on experience with cutting edge photo and video equipment, and will learn to use professional software including PhotoShop, Adobe InDesign, FinalCut Pro and WordPress, in addition to learning the skills of researching, interviewing and writing news and feature stories for publication. Buoyed by instruction in the fundamental ethics and responsibilities of traditional journalism, students will also learn to responsibly use social media to build an audience for themselves and their colleagues, and to design a digital portfolio of their work.

    Incoming freshman who are interested in Journalism are encouraged to take TV Broadcasting or Graphic Design to prepare themselves for the experience of Journalism.



    Grade: 11-12

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: Journalism I

    Credit: 1.0 (.5 English and .5 C.T.E)

    Students in this course continue to develop the technological and writing skills addressed in Journalism I while holding editorial or leadership positions in the editorial, arts or web divisions of nchscourant.com and Courant. These students will be responsible for managing the story generation, assignment and production process for Journalism I students, in addition to completing their own reporting and writing assignments, using all of the tools described in Journalism I. These students will also participate in field trips to professional news organizations as a way of supporting their leadership training.



    Grade: 12

    Duration: 2 Semesters

    Prerequisite: Journalism II

    Credit: 1.0 (.5. English and .5 C.T.E.)

    Students in this class will hold “executive” level positions in nchscourant.com and the Courant. In addition to fulfilling the managing and leadership responsibilities of Journalism II students, they will be responsible for all decision-making regarding content and form.