8th Grade Essential Questions

  • 8th Grade Health will focus on the following units of study and answer the following essential questions:

     Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana
    What are the risks involved with current drugs, their use and abuse?
    How can I recognize the difference between drug use and abuse?
    Why do some teens choose to begin using tobacco, alcohol and marijuana?
    How can I utilize my knowledge and skills to make healthy decisions for myself?
    How can I evaluate the validity and reliability of health information?

    8th Grade Assessment

    Each 8th grade student will be responsible to complete an authentic assessment project that is directly related to Alcohol, Tobacco, & Marijuana.  This assessment project is designed to motivate YOU and evaluate whether you can translate what you have learned into positive behavior and action.

     Students will be able to choose one of the following commonly misused drugs (tobacco, alcohol and marijuana).  After researching the commonly misused drug of their choice, students will be presenting their research project to their peers.  Their project should be put together using prior knowledge and information that was gathered through their research.  Students will be given a detailed explanation and requirements for this project during class, along with a list of valid and reliable websites that are great resources to use in their research.