7th Grade Essential Questions

  • 7th Grade Health will focus on the following units of study and answer the following essential questions:

    Why do I choose the foods I eat?
    How can I eat healthy?
    What are the key nutrients for to incorporate in a healthy diet?
    How many calories should I input/output in a day?
    How can I understand a Food Label?

    Physical Activity & Fitness
    What are the benefits of being physically active?
    What are guidelines I should follow?
    What is the FITT Principle?
    How can I incorporate physical activity & fitness into my lifestyle?

     7th Grade Assessment

    Each 7th grade student will be responsible to complete an authentic assessment project that is directly related to Nutrition, Physical Activity, & Fitness.  This assessment project is designed to motivate YOU and evaluate whether you can translate what you have learned into positive behavior and action.

    Students will create a public service announcement on the topics covered in 7th grade health. The goal of the public service announcement is to motivate the audience to take a specific action that promotes healthy choices.  Students will be able to work in groups of three or four during the development of the project.  Students will be given a detailed explanation and requirements for this project during class.