6th Grade Essential Questions

  • 6th Grade Health will focus on the following units of study and answer the following essential questions:

    What are the factors that may influence wellness?
    What skills will help me maintain personal wellness?
    How can I make good decisions concerning my health?
    How can I set personal wellness goals to improve my overall wellness?

    What are healthy snack choices?
    What are the characteristics of a healthy snack?
    Why are proper snack choices important for my health?

     Social/Emotional Growth and Development
    What are the emotional and social changes that occur during adolescence?
    Why is a positive self-esteem important?
    Where can I safely go to get accurate answers concerning my health questions and concerns?

    6th Grade Assessment

    Each 6th Grade student will be responsible to complete an authentic assessment project this year.  This assessment project is designed to motivate YOU and evaluate whether you can demonstrate what you have learned into positive behavior and action. 

     Students will work in groups and become their very own advertising agency. Together they will work to create a 1 minute commercial advertisement for a healthy snack they invent.  Students will be emphasizing Food Advertising Techniques and Characteristics of a Healthy Snack within their commercial. We will also be utilizing a few different apps that students can choose from to develop their commercial. Students will be given a detailed explanation and requirements for this project during class, as well as, enough time to complete and present the project.