• East Eagle Getting to Know East!

    Whether you are a new family at East or a returning family, we hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the wonderful community that East School is.

    East School Facts and Figures

    Mascot East Eagle
    School Color Green
    Motto “Work hard and be kind.”
    Number of students 550 (approximately)
    Number of K-4 classrooms, 2019-20 28

    Who’s Who at East?

    We are excited to welcome some new staff members to East and also to find familiar faces in some new places! Click here for a full list of East School Staff for the school year.

    image East Scavenger Hunt

    If you are planning on coming to visit East soon or if you already have, try this East Scavenger Hunt to see what you can learn (or what you already know) about East School. Click here for the Scavenger Hunt. Then, click here for the Answer Key. Good luck!

    image FAQs

    And finally, here are a few frequently asked questions for students:

    image How many playgrounds does East School have?

    Two – our main playground and an additional K-1 playground on the hill / far side of the building. Thanks to our East PTC for supporting our updates to these playgrounds!

    image What are the favorite hot lunches at East?

    Bacon pizza, tacos, Chicken nuggets (on Mondays), Brunch for Lunch, Pasta Day (Fridays), and more … really, all of our cafeteria lunches are delicious!

    image Are there assemblies at East School?

    COL’s (Celebration of Learning) are assemblies that are held approximately every 6 weeks for the whole school to celebrate the learning that has been “happening” at East. COL’s are hosted by a fourth grade class, who lead the entire assembly. We also have additional assemblies each year that bring music and theater groups, cultural experiences, and authors to East thanks to funding from our East PTC.

    image What technology can I use at East?

    All classrooms have Smartboards and internet access to enhance instruction. In addition to classroom laptops and iPads, all classes also have access to mobile carts of iPads and laptops to ensure that teachers and students have access to technology whenever needed in the classroom. As stated in our Student Handbook and the district AUP (Acceptable Use Policy for technology), devices from home are not to be brought to school.

    image  What instruments can I play at East?

    Third and fourth graders learn note reading and how to play the recorder in music class. Third and fourth graders also have the option to play a strings instrument – violin, viola, or cello. Lessons are held once per week and in grade 4 students also participate in the grade 4 orchestra that rehearses before school.

    image   Where can I find even more information about East?

    Check out the Student Handbook that is available online – click here.

    Here’s to a fabulous year of learning!