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    The following is the New Canaan Public Schools Social Studies K12 Enduring Understanding that we focus on in 5th Grade as we explore the early beginnings of our country:

    In the US and other parts of the world, various models of leadership create and influence structures of power to establish order and manage conflict in an effort to meet the needs of individuals and/or societies.

    The essential question we use to explore this understanding is: How do the governments attempt to meet the needs of their citizens?

    Throughout the year we focus on unit understandings and essential questions to help us dig deeper, and continue to develop our critical thinking. With that in mind, our units progress in chronological order and are as follows:

    Unit 1: Colonization

    o                  Enduring Understandings-

    o   Discontent motivates people to change

    o   People organize themselves to survive and thrive

    o   People use political, economic, social and religious reasons to justify colonization

    Unit 2: Life in the Colonies and Developing a New World Identity

    o           Enduring Understandings-

    o   Differences in beliefs, practices, wants and needs helped establish colonial identities

    o   Where we live and our experiences determine who we are

    Unit 3: The American Revolution

    o                  Enduring Understandings-

    o   People in the same society often hold different ideals

    o   Revolution is one significant political response to the discontent of people

    o   The desire for independence requires diverse groups to unite to achieve a common goal

    Unit 4: US Government and Civic Responsibility

    o                  Enduring Understandings-

    o   People develop systems of government to manage conflict and create order

    o   Responsible citizens actively participate in their government to ensure their needs are being met

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