By the fall of senior year you should have completed most of your research, and narrowed your list to 6 – 8 colleges. Make sure all of the colleges you are applying to are listed in your Naviance Account under “Colleges I am Thinking About”.

    You should have taken the ACT or SAT in spring of junior year, or registered for the ACT or SAT for the fall of senior year, when it is time to begin submitting applications.

    There are many pieces that make up a completed college application. It may seem overwhelming to consider them all at once. Below is an explanation of each component of the application, and its role in the process:

    1. The Application

    • Create a Common Application Account at www.commonapp.org
    • Many colleges accept the Common Application so it is important to create an account. Those colleges that are not on the Common Application, will have their own application on their website. 
    • If you use the Common Application, you need to fill it out only once, and submit to the schools you selected. Often colleges require supplementary essays and information so it is important to read application instructions carefully.
    • Make sure you are aware of and honor application deadlines. We recommend that you submit applications well ahead of the deadlines. Be sure you sign each application form and pay the application fee. 
    • Keep a copy of your applications.

    2. The Essay

    • Most colleges require one essay, though some require more, and some do not require an essay. General guidelines for writing your essay can be found at this link.

    3. The Teacher Recommendation

    • Applications usually require 2 teacher recommendations, in addition to the recommendation that your counselor will write. 
    • You should choose teachers of different subjects who have taught you between grades 11– 12 and who know you well as a student. Teachers will write a single recommendation on your behalf, which will be sent electronically or by mail depending on the college requirements. 
    • You should speak with your teachers well in advance of the application deadlines. Be courteous in this process—give the teachers as much advance notice as possible and be aware that some teachers may request additional information. Advanced planning will allow your teacher to write a thoughtful, thorough recommendation.
    • Students will be instructed on the process of submitting teacher recommendation requests early in senior year.
    • Remember that a thank you note is a nice touch.

    4. The Transcript

    • Transcripts must be ordered through Mrs. Granite in the School Counseling office. She is available every morning from 7:30-11:30 and the fee is $5.00 per transcript.
    • Once the requests are made, the school counselor will send a transcript (which includes courses and grades from grade 9 – 12) to your college choices, along with a school profile, the Secondary School Report form, and the Counselor Recommendation. Be sure to submit transcript request forms 30 days prior to your first application deadline.
    • Students will be given further information in early September on requesting transcripts.

    5. Test Scores

    • SAT and ACT scores are NOT reported on the NCHS transcript. 
    • Be sure to arrange for your scores to be sent by the College Board or the ACT, directly to each college to which you plan to apply. You may do this when you register for the tests, or you may do so later. 
    • You should arrange for your scores to be sent when you take your FINAL test. If you send your scores in June of junior year, your scores from October and November will not be sent unless you send them again.
    • Keep a list of the colleges to which you have sent your scores
    • The School Code for New Canaan High School is 070465