• Planning College Visits

    Visiting college campuses, though time consuming, is one of the most valuable experiences in helping you to evaluate a university. Through a visit, you will learn more about the college you are considering. Remember, whatever college you choose will be your home for the next four years, so be sure to do your research. Campus visits provide “real life” experiences you cannot get from reading a brochure.


    • Do your research
    • Review mail/email received from the college you are visiting
    • Visit the College and Career Center to learn more about the college.
    • Check out the college’s web site.
    • Speak with current students or alums.
    • Create a list of questions that you need answered.


    • If you are visiting more than one college per day, schedule wisely and allow time to travel.
    • Make appointments through the Admissions Office.
    • Meet with a student tour guide who can walk you around campus and tell you about their experience.
    • Take notes and pictures to remember what you liked about the campus.
    • Talk with professors and/or coach on campus
    • Try to sit in on a class or have a meal in the dining hall.


    • Make your connections count on campus by collecting business cards or writing down names of the people you meet.
    • Meet the admissions counselor who will visit New Canaan in the fall, or the person who will review the applications from NCHS.
    • Get email addresses of students you meet for future questions.


    • Follow up visits with thank you letters or emails to the people that were helpful.
    • Email your admissions counselor expressing your gratitude and continued interest.
    • Try your best to visit the campus when school is in session. If this does not work for your schedule, summer is also a great time for tours.
    • Speak with your Counselor about your college visit experiences.


    • What type of student is happiest here?
    • What do kids do on the weekends?
    • What do you look for in an applicant?
    • What do students do after graduation?


    • What is your major and how did you choose it?
    • What do kids do on the weekends?
    • Do you always get the classes you want?
    • Why did you choose to come here?
    • What is the biggest downside to attending here?
    • Where is the best place to live on campus?


    Colleges go about the process of interviewing students in many different ways. Some colleges no longer offer interviews, as they cannot possibly interview all of the students who request the opportunity to do so. Others may conduct interviews through alumni in the local area. Admissions Counselors may interview students on or off-campus, and on-campus interviewers may be employees or current students at the university. Regardless, the questions will be somewhat similar.


    In the past year, New Canaan High School students have been asked the following questions during interviews:

    • Who is your favorite musical artist?
    • How would you describe yourself?
    • What is your most significant achievement? - What made you decide to apply to Dartmouth?
    • What do you think you will contribute to student life?
    • What would you change about your high school? - How will you transition your extracurricular endeavors to college?
    • Why do you want to attend our school?
    • If you could have lunch with anyone, who would it be?
    • Where do you see yourself after college?
    • How do you think you can strengthen our college community?


    Juniors- Remember to attend the College Interviewing Workshop in April!!


    Seniors- Over 200 college admissions representatives come to NCHS in the Fall. We recommend availing yourself of the opportunity to attend these 30 minute sessions.