Medical Excuses

  • In PE class, we require a medical note if your child is unable to participate in class.

    Our policy is as follows…

    • If your child is unable to participate in class for 1-2 classes, then a note from home is needed.
    • If your child is unable to participate for more than 2 classes, then a doctor’s note is required. A copy of the note should be given to your child’s PE teacher and the grade level nurse.
    • A note from the nurse is only accepted in an emergency situation.
    • It is assumed that if you are participating in out of school physical activity, then you are required to also participate in PE class.
    • When a student is medically excused, they will be expected to fill out a worksheet during class on the sidelines or given another task that will help the student earn credit for the day.


    *Note: If your child has been out of PE class due to a long –term injury, then the PE teacher and grade level nurse will also need a clearance note from the doctor in order for your child to be allowed to participate again when your child is cleared for activity.