• NCHS Math Department:
    Mr. Roger Hansell 
  • Dear Parents/Guardian,

    I look forward to working with you and your child in mathematics this year. I like to think of mathematics as my family trade. My father, after earning his PhD from the University of Rochester, taught as a mathematics professor at the University of Connecticut for more than 30 years. Following in his example, I have been teaching mathematics here at New Canaan High School for 27 years. I enjoy the subject, and see the value in studying it.

    While it is often said that math is learning that you will never use, I do not hold that viewpoint. I focused my academic study on applied mathematics. I hope that after our study together your child will never ask "When will we ever use this stuff!" I will make it my aim to show them the usefulness of what they are learning.


    Roger Hansell, NCHS Mathematics Department

Mr. Roger Hansell
  •   Room: 228
      Courses Taught:
    • M3 UConn ECE Statistics
      • Period 1
    • M2 Algebra II 
      • Period 4
      • Period 8
    • M3 Geometry
      • Period 2
      • Period3
      Extra Help: 
    • Period 5 Room 228, Period 6,7 Math Office
    • After school by appointment